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Things to do in Cairo Overview

The largest city in Africa, with a population, exceeds 20 million inhabitants and a surface area of 1881 sq2.  Cairo, Al Qahera or the victorious, as named by its founder, the famous Fatimid leader, El Mu’iz Le Din Allah, in 969 AD, is not only the capital of Egypt, but it is also considered a small model of the whole country.

Concerning several Pharaonic, Christian, and Islamic monuments, culture, the variety of activities, tours, cruises, shopping, and different patterns of people who live in the Egyptian community.

Being the largest city in Africa, with a population that exceeds 8 million inhabitants and a surface area of 1881.04 sq2, there are numerous activities in Cairo that has become a live hub full of excitement for tourists from all over the globe.

Although many travelers visit Cairo to explore the Pyramids of Giza, the jewel of the Pharaonic architecture and the most famous monument in the whole world, the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the largest museum in the world displaying ancient Egyptian statues, crafts, and different sorts of art, or the Khan El Khalili bazaar, the popular touristic market, there are many others things to do and see in Cairo.

Many Cairo short tours packages can take the guests into a memorable journey and an experience of a lifetime. There are thousands of Islamic monuments erected in different periods of time that include El Azhar Mosque, built in 970 – 975 AD, the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, completed in 879 AD, the Mosque of El Sultan Hassan, constructed in 1363. Many Cairo travel packages may include exploring these remarkable monuments.

The Christian monuments of Cairo are mostly situated in the area of Coptic Cairo which includes the famous Hanging Church, constructed in the 7th century, the Church of Saint George constructed in the 10th century, and the Coptic Museum. Established in 1908, the museum displays a fabulous collection of several Coptic items,

Away from these famous highlights, there are many interesting places in the city of the thousand years that are still hidden treasures. Speak about historical houses like Beit El Sehemy in Islamic Cairo, one of the most beautiful and fine preserved historical houses in Egypt. There is also Beit Zeinab Khatoun, Beit El Harawi, and the Gayer Anderson Museum or Beit El Kritalya. All these mansions were constructed for wealthy tradesmen or governmental officials in the period from the 15th till the 18th century and they all sparkle with charm!

After a marvelous sightseeing tour in the morning, the guest would be ready to go for a Nile River cruise in Cairo. These ships are luxurious, they offer wonderful dinners, with Egyptian and international dishes, and they have a delightful entertainment show, including a belly dance, Tanoora performance, and a live singer and music band.

This is Cairo! Where ever you go, you find astonishing monuments to view and interesting activities that would suit the tastes of all travelers from different ages and who have various budgets.

Things to do in Cairo 2022

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