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Top-Rated Long Nile Cruise

Tour Itinerary Price

Luxor to Cairo Nile Cruise

11 Days $ 4519

Nile Cruise Cairo to Luxor

13 Days $ 5299

Aswan to Cairo Nile Cruise

14 Days $ 5759

Cairo to Aswan Nile Cruise

15 Days $ 6435

Planning Long Nile Cruise?

Egypt, the land of pharaohs, pyramids, and timeless mysteries, has long been a dream destination for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the splendors of ancient history and awe-inspiring landscapes. While Egypt's historical treasures are scattered across the country, there's one remarkable way to explore them at a leisurely pace - a Long Nile Cruise. We unveil why a Long Nile Cruise is the ideal choice for travelers looking to embark on an extraordinary Egyptian adventure, answering key questions along the way.

Why Opt for a Long Nile Cruise: Unveiling Egypt's Hidden Marvels?

Egypt's hidden marvels extend far beyond the iconic pyramids of Giza. To truly appreciate the rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty that Egypt offers, a Long Nile Cruise is the perfect choice. These cruises take you on a journey along the life-giving Nile River, offering an exclusive opportunity to explore lesser-known historical gems, traditional villages, and lush oases that are often missed by traditional land-based tours.

How Does a Long Nile Cruise Enhance Your Exploration of Ancient Egypt?

A Long Nile Cruise allows you to experience Egypt's historical sites in a relaxed and immersive way. As you gently glide along the Nile, you'll have the chance to visit renowned temples like Karnak and Luxor, the Valley of the Kings, and the stunning Temple of Philae. Additionally, you'll discover hidden gems like the Temple of Kom Ombo and the lesser-visited Edfu Temple, all while enjoying the serene beauty of the Nile's shores.

Where Can You Find the Best Deals on Long Nile Cruise Packages?

When searching for Long Nile Cruise packages, it's essential to choose reputable tour operators or cruise companies. Many options are available, catering to different budgets and preferences. Compare package prices, itineraries, and inclusions to find the one that best suits your interests and needs.

When Is the Ideal Time to Embark on a Long Nile Cruise Adventure?

Egypt's climate can be quite hot during the summer months, so the best time for a Long Nile Cruise is during the fall (from September to November) and spring (from March to May). The weather is pleasantly warm, making it comfortable for outdoor excursions and sightseeing. However, cruises are available year-round, so choose a time that aligns with your preferences.

Which Long Nile Cruise Routes Offer the Most Scenic Views and Historical Treasures?

The two most popular routes for Long Nile Cruises are the Cairo to Aswan route and the Aswan to Cairo route. Both offer breathtaking scenery and access to significant historical sites. The Cairo to Aswan route typically includes visits to Cairo, Minya, Abydos, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, and Aswan. Conversely, the Aswan to Cairo route covers the same sites but in reverse order. The choice between these routes often depends on your travel plans and available time.

Can Long Nile Cruises be Customized to Include Exclusive Shore Excursions?

Many cruise operators offer opportunities for passengers to customize their experiences. Depending on the cruise line, you can add optional shore excursions to your itinerary, enabling you to explore specific sites or enjoy unique experiences such as hot air balloon rides over Luxor or guided tours of Nubian villages. Tailoring your cruise can help you make the most of your journey.

Are Long Nile Cruise Packages Inclusive of Guided Tours to Ancient Temples and Tombs?

Yes, Long Nile Cruise packages often include guided tours of significant historical sites along the cruise route. Expert Egyptologists provide valuable insights into the history, architecture, and cultural significance of each site. These guided tours enrich your understanding of Egypt's ancient past, making your cruise experience not only enjoyable but also educational.

What are the Benefits of Opting for All-Inclusive Long Nile Cruise Packages?

All-inclusive Long Nile Cruise packages simplify your travel experience. They typically cover accommodation on the cruise ship, guided tours, meals, and sometimes even airport transfers. This means you won't have to worry about the logistics of your trip, allowing you to fully focus on enjoying the journey and making lasting memories.

Do Long Nile Cruise Providers Offer Affordable Luxury Travel Options?

Long Nile Cruises cater to a range of budgets, and there are options available for travelers seeking affordable luxury. While some cruises offer opulent experiences with five-star amenities, others provide comfortable accommodations without the extravagance. Research and choose a cruise package that aligns with your idea of affordable luxury.

Why Should You Consider a Long Nile Cruise for Your Next Egyptian Expedition?

A Long Nile Cruise is the ultimate way to savor the wonders of Egypt at a relaxed pace. It offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, allowing you to explore hidden treasures while enjoying the comfort of a cruise ship. Whether you're an avid history enthusiast or a traveler seeking a serene and immersive experience, a Long Nile Cruise is your ticket to uncovering the timeless allure of Egypt's hidden marvels.

Egypt's rich history and breathtaking landscapes come to life when experienced through a Long Nile Cruise. If you're planning your next Egyptian adventure, consider embarking on this extraordinary journey along the Nile, where you'll unveil the hidden marvels of this timeless land.

Long Nile Cruise FAQs

What is the best long Nile cruise?

Rest assured that all the extended Nile cruises listed here are among the top 10 Nile cruises from Aswan to Cairo for the year. Your satisfaction is our priority.

What is the price of the Cairo to Aswan cruise?

We have Aswan to Cairo cruises starting at $525, but the cost of a Cairo to Aswan cruise can vary based on your travel dates, duration, and other factors.

What are the check-in and check-out times for the luxury cruise from Cairo to Aswan?

Check-in is at 2:00 PM, and check-out is at 12:00 PM.

What activities are available on the Nile cruises from Cairo to Aswan?

The Nile cruises from Cairo to Aswan offer a range of activities including access to the spa, fitness center, sauna, and guided sightseeing tours.

Can we stay on the Nile cruise Cairo Aswan instead of going on trips?

Yes, you have the option to stay on the Nile cruise in Cairo Aswan, but please note that the price for the long Nile cruise will remain the same.

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