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Cairo and Nile Cruise Packages 2023/2024 With Airfare Cairo Nile Cruise Package cairo and nile cruise package egypt nile cruise packages nile cruise packages egypt cruise packages
12 Days
Private Tour

Cairo and Nile Cruise Packages Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Cairo Egypt - Gateway to Ancient Wonders

Welcome to Cairo, the vibrant capital of Egypt! Upon your arrival at Cairo airport, our friendly team will be there to greet you and provide a seamless transfer to your Cairo hotel. Take a moment to relax and rejuvenate before embarking on your extraordinary adventure. Our team will also provide a quick revision of the holiday details, ensuring you have all the information you need for an unforgettable experience. Check-in at your hotel in Cairo and enjoy a comfortable overnight stay, eagerly anticipating the incredible journey ahead.

Day 2: Giza Pyramids Tours - Majestic Marvels of the Past

Start your day with an awe-inspiring guided trip to the legendary Giza Pyramids. Stand in awe before the Great Pyramid of Giza, a magnificent testament to the engineering prowess of the ancient Egyptians. Explore the ancient necropolis of Memphis, once the capital of Egypt, and visit the fascinating Sakkara complex, home to the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser. Return to your hotel in Cairo, where you can unwind and relax, reflecting on the wonders you've encountered. Indulge in a delightful dinner and enjoy an overnight stay, filled with anticipation for the next leg of your journey.

Day 3: Old Cairo City Tours - Unveiling Treasures of the Past

After a delicious breakfast, embark on a captivating exploration of Old Cairo. Immerse yourself in history as you visit the Egyptian Museum, home to an extensive collection of ancient artifacts, including the world-renowned treasures of Tutankhamun. Continue your journey to the Saladin Citadel, an imposing fortress that offers panoramic views of Cairo. Delve into the enchanting streets of Old Cairo, where you'll discover ancient churches, mosques, and bustling bazaars. Return to your hotel for a delectable dinner and a restful overnight stay, cherishing the memories of the day.

Day 4: Nile Cruise Package - Voyage of Timeless Elegance

Check out of your Cairo hotel after breakfast and embark on a remarkable journey as you fly to Luxor to board your Nile Cruise. Settle into your luxurious onboard accommodation and enjoy a delectable lunch. Begin your exploration of Luxor with a visit to the awe-inspiring Karnak Temples, a sprawling complex dedicated to the ancient Egyptian gods. Discover the fascinating artifacts at the Luxor Museum, showcasing the rich history of the region. Indulge in a sumptuous dinner on board and spend a restful night, gently sailing along the Nile, surrounded by timeless elegance.

Day 5: West Luxor Nile Cruise Tours - Gateway to Pharaonic Tombs

Awaken to the breathtaking landscapes of the Nile as you enjoy a delightful breakfast on board. Today, venture to the West Bank of Luxor, where you'll uncover the secrets of the Valley of the Kings. Explore the elaborate tombs of pharaohs and marvel at the towering Memnon Colossi. Continue your journey to the magnificent Medinet Habu Temple, a testament to the grandeur of ancient Egyptian architecture. As you sail to Qena, relish a delectable lunch on board. In Qena, visit the enchanting Dendera Temple, dedicated to the goddess Hathor. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a serene overnight stay, captivated by the wonders of the West Bank.

Day 6: East Luxor Nile Cruise Tours - Temples of Divine Splendor

Savor a delightful breakfast on board as your cruise sails gracefully back to Luxor, the site of awe-inspiring temples. Begin your day with a visit to Deir Al Madina, the ancient village that housed the artisans and craftsmen who built the magnificent tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Explore the captivating Luxor Temple, known for its grand columns and exquisite statues. Continue your journey to the iconic Hatshepsut Temple, dedicated to the powerful female pharaoh. Immerse yourself in the rich history and architectural marvels of ancient Egypt. Indulge in a mouthwatering dinner and spend a peaceful night on board, surrounded by the tranquil ambiance of the Nile.

Day 7: Edfu Nile Cruise Tours - A Journey to the Temple of Horus

Awake to the gentle rhythm of the Nile and relish a delectable breakfast on board. Today, you'll embark on a guided trip to the majestic Horus Temple in Edfu. Marvel at the well-preserved temple, dedicated to the falcon-headed god Horus, and witness the intricate hieroglyphs and towering statues that adorn its walls. Delight in the timeless beauty of ancient Egyptian architecture and immerse yourself in the fascinating legends of the pharaohs. Return to the cruise for a delectable dinner and enjoy a serene overnight stay, cherishing the magical experiences of the day.

Day 8: Aswan Nile Cruise Tours - Nubian Delights and Architectural Marvels

After a scrumptious breakfast on board, sail southward to the enchanting city of Aswan. Explore the magnificent Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, and marvel at its intricate carvings and picturesque setting on Agilkia Island. Visit the iconic High Dam, a remarkable feat of engineering that transformed the landscape of the Nile. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the Nubian people as you explore the Nubian Museum, showcasing the rich heritage of the region. Indulge in a delightful dinner and spend a peaceful night on board, enchanted by the allure of Aswan.

Days 9: More Aswan Cruise Tours - Tranquility and Wonder

Wake up to a delightful breakfast on board, ready to explore more of Aswan's treasures. Sail to the captivating Kom Ombo Temple, a unique double temple dedicated to the falcon-headed god Horus and the crocodile-headed god Sobek. Admire the intricate reliefs and captivating views of the Nile from this remarkable vantage point. Return to the cruise and relish a mouthwatering dinner, savoring the flavors of Egypt. Enjoy a peaceful overnight stay on board, basking in the tranquility and wonder of the Nile.

Days 10: Abu Simbel Nile Cruise Tours - Journey to Ancient Splendor (Optional)

Today, after a delightful breakfast, you have the option to embark on an extraordinary excursion to the legendary Abu Simbel Temples. These remarkable temples, carved into the mountainside, stand as a testament to the might and grandeur of Ramses II. Marvel at the colossal statues and intricate carvings that adorn these magnificent structures. Immerse yourself in the ancient splendor and archaeological wonders of Abu Simbel before returning to the cruise. Enjoy a delectable dinner and spend a serene night on board, cherishing the memories of your incredible journey.

Day 11: Nile Cruise Relaxation Day - Unwind and Revel in Nile's Charm

After the previous days' exhilarating tours, this day is perfect for a relaxed break. On this day, you'll have ample time to unwind onboard the luxurious cruise ship, which offers spectacular views of the Nile River. Relax on the sun deck, soak up the warm Egyptian sun, and indulge in some refreshing beverages while enjoying the picturesque scenery. You can also make use of the various amenities available onboard, such as the swimming pool, spa, and fitness center. In the evening, savor a sumptuous dinner featuring a variety of delectable dishes prepared by the onboard chefs. Afterward, take in the starry sky and relish the tranquil atmosphere. An overnight stay onboard the cruise ship is included. Whether you want to catch up on some reading, simply relax and unwind, or explore the ship's facilities, this day is all about taking it easy and basking in the Nile's charm. So sit back, relax, and make the most of this memorable cruise experience.

Day 12: Fly Back Home - Farewell to Egypt's Timeless Charm

Check out of your Nile cruise after a delightful breakfast on board, filled with bittersweet emotions as you bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes of Egypt. Our team will assist you in transferring to Aswan airport for your departure flight. Take one last glance at the majestic Nile River and the ancient wonders that have captivated your heart. Depart with cherished memories, a deeper appreciation for Egypt's timeless charm, and the desire to return one day to continue your exploration of this extraordinary land. Fly back home with a sense of fulfillment and a treasure trove of unforgettable experiences.

Cairo and Nile Cruise Packages Items

  • Meet and greet service at airports
  • Entry Visa for Egypt provide upon arrival
  • Airport transfer by private AC deluxe vehicle with Free WIFI
  • 3 nights in the Four Seasons Hotel at the First Residence with breakfast
  • 7 nights on board Zahra Nile cruise on full board basis
  • Domestic flight Cairo/Luxor – Aswan/Cairo
  • Tours in Cairo privately guided
  • Tours on the cruise sharing cruise group
  • Entrance fees to all sites as per itinerary
  • English speaking tour guide during trips
  • Bottled water during tours and transfers
  • Free WiFi service at hotel - Nile cruise and abroad vehicle
  • Service charges and applicable taxes included

Cairo and Nile Cruise Packages Gems

If you're looking for an unforgettable trip that combines ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking scenery, look no further than Cairo and Nile cruise packages. These tour packages offer the perfect blend of city and river experiences, taking you on a journey through the heart of Egypt.

With Cairo and Nile cruise tour packages, you can customize your trip to suit your preferences and interests. Whether you're a history buff, foodie, or adventure seeker, there's something for everyone on these tours. Read on to learn more about what to expect from your Cairo and Nile cruise holidays.

Exploring Cairo

Your Cairo and Nile cruise tour will likely start in the bustling city of Cairo, Egypt's capital and one of the largest cities in Africa. Here, you'll have the opportunity to explore iconic landmarks such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum.

  • The Pyramids of Giza are the last remaining wonder of the ancient world and one of the most recognizable landmarks in Egypt. These towering structures, built more than 4,500 years ago, are a testament to the advanced engineering and architectural skills of the ancient Egyptians. You can explore the pyramids and even venture inside the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the largest and oldest of the three pyramids.
  • The Great Sphinx is another must-see attraction in Giza. This iconic statue, carved from limestone, has the body of a lion and the head of a human, and is believed to represent the pharaoh Khafre. You can take a guided tour of the Sphinx and learn about its history and significance.
  • The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to one of the world's largest collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including treasures from King Tutankhamun's tomb. Here, you can marvel at ancient art, mummies, and statues, and learn about the fascinating history of this ancient civilization.

Sailing the Nile

After exploring Cairo, your next adventure on your Cairo and Nile cruise tour is sailing down the Nile River. This legendary river has played a crucial role in Egypt's history, providing water, transportation, and fertile land for agriculture. You'll have the opportunity to sail on a luxurious Nile cruise ship, taking in the stunning scenery and ancient sites along the way.

A Nile cruise package from Cairo typically includes stops at several historic sites along the river, such as Luxor, Aswan, and Edfu. These cities are home to some of the most impressive temples and monuments in Egypt, including the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel.

  • The Temple of Karnak is a massive complex of temples, chapels, and shrines that was built over a period of 2,000 years. This impressive structure is dedicated to the god Amun and is one of the largest religious complexes in the world. You can explore the various temples and statues, marveling at the intricate carvings and hieroglyphics.
  • The Valley of the Kings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the final resting place of many pharaohs and nobles from the New Kingdom period. Here, you can explore the elaborate tombs and admire the vivid wall paintings and carvings.
  • Abu Simbel is another iconic site along the Nile River, known for its massive rock-cut temples. These temples were built during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses II and are dedicated to the gods Amun, Ra, and Ptah. The most impressive feature of Abu Simbel is the four colossal statues of Ramesses II that stand guard at the entrance of the temple.

Cairo Nile Cruise Package

If you're looking for a comprehensive Cairo and Nile cruise package, you'll find plenty of options to choose from. . We offer a range of tour packages, including budget-friendly options and luxury packages. You can choose from a variety of itineraries, ranging from a few days to several weeks, depending on your time and budget.

One popular option is the 8-day Cairo and Nile cruise tour, which includes visits to Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel. This tour package typically includes transportation, accommodations, meals, and guided tours of all the major sites. You'll have the opportunity to explore the ancient wonders of Egypt while enjoying the comfort and luxury of a Nile cruise ship.

Another popular option is the 10-day Grand Egypt tour, which includes visits to Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel, and Alexandria. This tour package is perfect for those who want to explore the highlights of Egypt in depth, from the bustling city of Cairo to the stunning temples and monuments along the Nile River.

No matter which Cairo and Nile cruise tour package you choose, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience. From the ancient wonders of Giza to the stunning temples and tombs along the Nile River, Egypt is a land of incredible history and natural beauty. With a range of tour packages to choose from, you can customize your trip to suit your interests and preferences, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If you're planning a trip to Egypt, be sure to consider Cairo and Nile cruise packages. These tours offer the perfect combination of city and river experiences, allowing you to explore ancient history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking scenery. With a variety of tour packages to choose from, you can customize your trip to suit your interests and budget, creating a truly unforgettable experience. So start planning your Cairo and Nile cruise holiday today and discover the wonders of this incredible destination!

Best Cairo and Nile Cruise Packages

Tour Itinerary Price

Luxury Nile Cruise and Stay

8 Days $ 1975

Egypt Pyramid Tour Packages

8 Days $ 1350

Holy Family Flight to Egypt

15 Days $ 1510

Egypt Overland Tours

8 Days $ 875

Egypt Tours With Nile Cruise

8 Days $ 1275

Cairo and Nile Cruise Packages FAQs

How much deposit should I pay for Cairo and Nile cruise?

25% of your Nile cruise and Cairo package price, but it goes up to 50% during Christmas and Easter peak seasons.

Can I book my airline with Cairo and Nile cruise tours?

Sure, you can add your flight tickets with any Cairo Nile cruise package. Ask our agents about our best flight offers.

What do the pyramids and Nile cruise holidays include?

All Egypt pyramids Nile cruise include escorted tours, airport transfers, accommodation, and meals mentioned in the tour itinerary.

What should I know before booking a Nile cruise package from Cairo?

Booking all-inclusive pyramids and Nile cruise package is an excellent option for a memorable Egypt tour.

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