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Aswan to Luxor Cruise

Aswan to Luxor Cruise

Nile River Cruises Aswan to Luxor

Nile cruising is the perfect option for travellers who love ancient attractions, sailing & natural wonders. There are plenty of options when one plans a vacation in Egypt. Among the most magnificent features to be included in travel packages in Egypt include a visit to Cairo, exploring the wonders of the Red Sea in the resorts located in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh.

There is a new wonderful trend in the tours to Egypt, the Nile cruises in Southern Egypt. The Nile river cruises Aswan to Luxor package is among the most perfect choices for tourists who love ancient architecture, sailing, and natural wonders.

Nile Cruise From Aswan to Luxor is characterized by some magnificent features. First of all, almost all ships offer deluxe services and top class facilities including panoramic windows offers awesome views of the River Nile, sundecks, and sometimes swimming pools. This is in addition to the best equipped cabins and suits to make it quite a rewarding journey.

Moreover, Aswan Nile Cruise to Luxor gives the guests who enjoy their vacation in Egypt a rare opportunity to explore the ancient Egyptian monuments located in Nubia between Aswan in the North and Abu Simble in the South.

Aswan to Luxor cruises offer comprehensive visits’ program that includes the magic Temple of Abu Simble, the Kalabsha Temple, Wadi El Sebuoa, Amada Temple, the Tomb of Der, the Tomb of Pennut, Qasr Ibrim, plus some of the monuments of Aswan that might include the Temple of Philae, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the High Dam. This is besides quite a remarkable entertainment program in the evenings.

Aswan to Luxor Cruise FAQs

What are the best Lake Nasser cruises?

Your satisfaction is our goal. Stay assured that all the Lake cruises listed here are the top 10 cruises on lake Nasser of the year.

What is the cruise on lake Nasser price?

We offer Lake Nasser cruise ships from $525, but Lake Nasser cruises cost varies depending on your stay dates, length, etc.

What is there to do at the cruises on Lake Nasser?

Our Lake Nasser cruises offer Spa, Fitness centre, Sauna, and sightseeing tours.

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