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Nile Cruise Prices

Nile Cruise Prices

Nile Cruise Prices Overview

Although almost all Nile cruise ships offer superb facilities and the best levels of services, there are some differences that might affect the Nile River Cruise cost.

Among the most important factors that shape the Nile Cruise prices is the brand name of the ship. Ships that hold the name of Sonesta, Oberoi, or Movenpick are sometimes more expensive than other ships with other names or who are operated by local companies.

This is because of the guarantee provided by these brand names that ensure guests that the services offered are up to their expectations.

Other reasons that might affect the price of Nile cruise would include the state of the ship itself. If the ship is older, then probably would offer somehow cheaper prices. If the ship is well decorated and offers larger spaces for the cabins and public areas, it would probably give higher prices for Nile cruises.

The visits’ program and the monuments included usually play a role as well in the Nile Cruise Rates. Some Nile cruise ships offer packages without visits or with a limited number of visits in order to offer lower prices. The same goes for the meals offered as well.

There are also other elements that have a significant role to play in the overall cost of Nile cruise including the prices of transportation from Cairo, or other places around Egypt, to Luxor and Aswan. Of course, trains and busses are much cheaper than airlines.

Here below is a collection of Nile River Cruises that a traveller can spend a good vaction time without regret, all are categorized by destination, itinerary, costs and boat type. You may check them and contact us for more informtion.

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