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Marsa Alam

Best of Marsa Alam Egypt & Places to Visit

Best of Marsa Alam Egypt & Places to Visit

At the beginning, Marsa Alam was only a simple primitive fishing village. The history of this area dates to the Pharaonic and Roman eras of the Egyptian history, as some wall inscriptions show in various quarries near Marsa Alam. The word Marsa means port and Alam means highlight, and here, in the name of the city, the highlight is the huge mountains that surround the city from the Western direction.

With a surface area of more than 40,000 square kilometers, Marsa Alam is located to 732 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, 283 kilometers to the South of Hurghada, and 350 kilometers to the North East of Aswan. The city enjoys a magnificent location on the Red Sea with many distinctive diving and snorkeling spots. The population of the city is around 120,000 people. Most of them work in fishing, agriculture, and tourism lately.

The highlights of Marsa Alam include the Valley of the Camels, the Samday Protected area, famous for its dolphins, and many other wonderful places to explore. Tourists who travel to Marsa Alam usually spend the day around the beach. At night, they would go for a safari trip, go to a nightclub, or simply chill out at their resort.

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