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Tomb of Penout

Tomb of Pennut-Amada

Exploring the Fascinating Aniba Tomb of Penout

While often associated with Aswan, the Tomb of Penout is actually closer to Abu Simbel, nestled along the Nile River. Despite being a lesser-known attraction, visitors on Lake Nasser cruises often have the opportunity to embark on a guided tour of this captivating site.

Amada: A Hub of Ancient Temples

The tomb is situated in Amada, renowned for its exceptional temples that captivate visitors with their remarkable inscriptions and architectural grandeur. The temples in Amada are particularly famous for their intricate and unique depictions found on the walls and columns.

Temple of Amada and Temple of Derr

Adjacent to each other, the formal Temple of Amada and Temple of Derr offer a splendid display of rock-cut temple construction from the era of Ramesses II. Exploring these two temples alone is a rewarding experience, but there is an even rarer gem awaiting intrepid travelers.

A Rare Sight: The Rock-Cut Tomb of a Viceroy

A hidden path leads away from the temples, revealing a truly unique sight - a rock-cut tomb belonging to a Viceroy of Kush. What sets this tomb apart is its relocation from its original location to safeguard it from the flooding caused by the construction of the Aswan High Dam in the 1960s.

Penout's Tomb: A Testament to Ancient Egypt's Civil Servants

The tomb belongs to Penout, a Viceroy of Kush during the reign of Ramesses VI. Inside, visitors can witness carvings on the tomb walls depicting Ramesses VI honoring his loyal civil servant. Originally situated in Aniba or Mi'am, an area housing numerous tombs, Penout's tomb is the sole survivor from that era.

A Priestly Touch: Penout's Fine Tomb

Penout, also a priest of Horus, boasts an exquisite tomb featuring its own altar, although the statues that once adorned it have vanished. The tomb showcases extensive inscriptions, intricate carvings, and remarkable paintings. Regrettably, the tomb was looted, and Penout's mummy remains undiscovered.

A Treasure on Lake Nasser Cruises

If you embark on a luxury Lake Nasser cruise, the Tomb of Penout will likely be included in your itinerary. As the only surviving tomb of its kind, it offers a rare glimpse into how Egyptian rulers honored their civil servants in the afterlife.

Visiting the Tomb of Penout

To reach the tomb, you can take a road trip using private transport or a taxi. However, it's important to note that the site is a considerable distance from Aswan, necessitating careful planning to ensure a seamless visit.

A Hidden Beauty Not to Be Missed

The Tomb of Penout presents a surprising and captivating experience with its two well-preserved rooms. Its serene charm is a must-see for those who appreciate the historical legacy of ancient Egypt. Whether you explore it during a cruise or venture independently, this unique site promises to leave an indelible impression.

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