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Holidays to Egypt in December

Egypt Holidays in December

Egypt Holidays in December

Visiting Egypt in December is a fantastic holiday. The country has a unique mix of culture, history, cuisine, nightlife and marine life. You can enjoy many activities, from touring ancient sites to relaxing on the beach. Egypt's climate is ideal for foreign travellers. Despite the mild temperature, you can expect a few days of rainfall.

Egypt is an exciting country full of ancient wonders. You can visit the Great Pyramids of Giza or the temples and tombs of Luxor. These are some of the most popular tourist sites in Egypt.

If you're looking for a little more culture, you can explore Old Cairo historic sites and bazaars. Walk through the narrow streets and, experience the local lifestyle, indulge in traditional Egyptian cuisine and handmade treasures. You can also check out the famous Khan el-Khalili market.

Nile Cruise is an unmissable experience when travelling to Egypt. Embark on one of the luxury cruises on the Nile and sail between Luxor and Aswan to uncover most of the ancient Egypt attractions in the region. Visit Luxor temples, the valley of the Kings, Edfu, Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel.

Egypt's Red Sea coastline is also stunning. You can choose from many resorts that offer a variety of activities and accommodations. Some of the most popular resorts are Sharm El Sheikh, Marsa Alam, and Hurghada. Each resort offers activities for all types of travellers. You can enjoy a relaxing day on the beach or explore the resort's nightlife.

The weather in Egypt in December is warm and pleasant, but it can also be a little chilly at night. You should bring a light raincoat or a waterproof jacket, as you might get wet if you're not used to the climate. If you're planning to visit Egypt in December, consider booking an all-inclusive Egypt tour package without unnecessary hassle.

Holidays to Egypt in December FAQs

How much does the all inclusive Egypt vacations cost?

Starting from $700, you can either choose from our ready-made packages or build your own all inclusive vacation packages Egypt.

What Egypt vacation packages all inclusive include?

Our Egypt all inclsuive package vacations include accommodation, guided tours, return airport transfers, and meals mentioned in the tour itinerary.

Can I book Egypt vacation packages with airfare?

Sure, With any of our Egypt vacation deals, you can include your flight tickets and fly to Egypt in the economy or business class.

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