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Sharm El Naga

Sharm El Naga Hurghada Red Sea Riviera

Sharm El Naga Hurghada Red Sea Riviera

Sharm El Naga Resort is best known for its beautiful coral reefs and its crystal clear water.

Sharm El Naga Resort offers all facilities to enjoy a perfect holiday, maker could wish for: a sandy beach, a protected house reef for snorkeling and diving, and comfortable accommodation.

Under its amazing blue water, the divers and snorkelers see an amazing collection of the colored fish and coral reefs. Efforts of conserving and keeping the beauty of the fish and coral reefs are very noticed and considered.

Sharm El Naga is designed and constructed on a very high standard level of accommodation, amenities, swimming pools, cafes, entertainment and fun. In the resort, you will not feel the time passes as you spend it in all what you like and need. Resort in Sharm El Naga is rich with flat sandy beach and safe shallow water.

On beach, Children have unprecedented fun and entertainment in the playground, visitors can enjoy free fishing horse riding, camel riding, petanque, volley ball and darts.

Tourists and visitors find very delicious food, drinks, snacks and oriental meals. Tourists and visitors can enjoy shopping where they can get very nice souvenirs. The variety of fish is overwhelming; you’re bound to spot numerous reef fish species, in addition to huge octopuses and clams, feeding in the food that’s being offered to them by the tourists.

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