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Egypt Breaks Overview

Other reasons include for having city breaks to Egypt that some tourists might be visiting some of the neighboring destionations like Jordan or Dubai. In the same time, they would like to discover the wonders of Egypt in a shorter visit.

Egypt short breaks would commonly include spending a couple of nights in Cairo. The visits of the guests usually consist of the classical highlights of Cairo like the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, Khan El Khalili, and Saqqara.

Afterwards, they would travel to Luxor to spend a couple of nights as well. There are two ways to reach Luxor from Cairo; to use airlines which takes less than an hour, or to go on a sleeper train which is much cheaper.

The monuments included in a short break in Egypt to Cairo and Luxor would include a day dedicated to the East Bank with the Karnak and Luxor Temples being the main highlights. The other day would be for the West Bank with many mortuary temples and ancient necropolis like the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Egypt Breaks 2022

  • Affordable Cairo Luxor Tour 5 Days

    Cairo Luxor Tour

    Quick Egypt Tours to Cairo and Luxor 5 Days. Travel for 4 Nights Relishing Cairo Luxor and Aswan Tour. Combined Tour of Cairo, Giza Pyramids, Luxor, Valley of the Kings & Karnak Temples. Book Online Cairo Luxor Tour Package Now.

  • Cairo Wheelchair Accessible Cairo Vacation 5 Days

    Wheelchair Accessible Cairo Vacation

    5 Days Cairo Wheelchair Accessible Tour Package. Explore Cairo With Wheelchair Tours to Giza Pyramids and Old Cairo Egypt. 4 Nights Wheelchair Accessible Handicap Tours to Egypt.

  • Typical Luxor Aswan Abu Simbel Tour 4 Days

    Luxor Aswan Abu Simbel Tour

    Experience Quick Luxor and Aswan Tour Package and Travel to Aswan and Abu Simbel From Luxor By Car. Budget Friendy Overland Trip to Luxor Aswan and Abu Simbel Attractions.

  • Featured Cairo Tours Packages 4 Days

    Cairo Tours Packages

    Private Package Tours to Cairo Egypt. 4 Days Cairo Private Tours Package to Giza Pyramids, Old Coptic and Islamic Sightseeings. Book 4 Day in Cairo Tours Packages Now Online!

  • Recommended Cairo Travel Packages 4 Days

    Cairo Travel Packages

    Tour Cairo Egypt in 4 Days. 3 Nights Cairo Travel Package to Pyramids, Old Coptic & Islamic Cairo Sightseeing. Book Cairo Egypt Travel Packages Itinerary Now !

  • Extended Luxor Tour Packages 3 Days

    Luxor Tour Packages

    Plan Luxor Tour?. Travel to Luxor with a flexible Luxor itinerary takes you to Karnak, Valley Kings, and more. Book 3 days package trips in Luxor. Unmissable package tours to Luxor, Egypt.

  • Authentic Cairo City Tours 3 Days

    Cairo City Tours

    Experience 3 Day Cairo Tours. Escorted Cairo City Tour to Giza Pyramids, Saqqara an Old Cairo. Book Private Cairo Tours Packages Now Online!

  • Private Overnight Trip to Luxor 2 Days

    Overnight Trip to Luxor

    Spend 2 Days in Luxor City Tour Package to the Valley Of Kings, Luxor, and Karnak Temples. Book This Private Luxor Tour Package and Enjoy an Amazing 2 Days Trip to Luxor, Egypt.

  • Perfect Cairo Layover Tours 2 Days

    Cairo Layover Tours

    Having a Layover in Cairo Airport?. Book Best Cairo Layover Tours Package Now Online. Private Cairo Airport Layover Tour, 2 Days in Cairo Tour Itinerary to Giza Pyramids and Old Cairo.

Egypt Breaks Facts

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