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Egypt Tours From Canada Overview

Visiting Egypt is a dream of many People. It enjoys long impressive history that grab the attention of travelers. Many travel agencies organize some of the best trips to Egypt from Canada. The first advice for Canadians visiting Egypt for vacations is to have a relatively longer stay. Since they are paying for the price of the airlines and traveling long distance, it is really worth it to have a wonderful long holiday in Egypt.

Another great tip is to have your Egypt tour packages from Canada organized by one of the best and credited tour agencies. These companies would guarantee you have a great vacation in the land of the Nile and ensure all your dreams would come true.

Longer tours to Egypt from Canada would include a visit to Cairo, the Egyptian capital. Guests enjoying their holidays in Egypt would visit the magnificent Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum with the largest collection of ancient displays and antiquities. The visits in Cairo are limitless with sites like Saladin Citadel, Khan El Khalili, Saqqara, Memphis, and a large number of historical mosques and churches.

Afterwards, they would go have a wonderful time sailing down the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, or the other way around. Egypt travel packages from Canada are quite charming. The cruise itself if joyous and passengers would get the chance to visit all the important monuments of ancient Egypt.

Another alternative or addition to the holiday in Egypt is to go for two or three nights to one of the marvelous resorts of the Red Sea like Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada where they would discover the secrets of the underwater kingdom and have wonderful evenings in the various hotspots of these cities.

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Egypt Tours From Canada Facts

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  • Prices are valid during the year, excluding Easter and Christmas.
  • Egypt Tours From Canada itinerary is escorted by professional guides.
  • Ready-made programs are available for solo travellers and families.
  • Luxury, classic, cheap and budget trips have same service standards.
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