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White Desert

White Desert National Park Farafra Egypt

White Desert National Park Farafra Egypt

The white desert is the most popular and interesting area in the Western Desert.  The White Desert of Egypt is located 45 km (28 mi) north of the town of Farafra. Most visitors to Farafra Oasis go there to see the White Desert, el-Sahara el-Beida, the area to the north-east of Qasr el-Farafra which is renowned for its spectacular scenery.

The quantity of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is unequalled in any desert in the world. The Farafra desert is a typical place visited by some schools in Egypt, as a location for camping trips. The Desert was also the featured location in the music video for "Echoes" by the Klaxons.

Many visitors choose an overnight camping safari to witness the drama of both sunset and dawn. The new tracks are laid out to guide vehicles past the most famous desert landmarks, first a field of giant ‘mushrooms’, followed by an ancient lone Acacia tree.

Enjoy the early sunrise watch or dreamy sunsets; enjoy the riding on the camels via the white desert or driving the vehicle in the Sahara to fell the real adventure. Enjoy the lying on the desert sand and listening to the whisper of the shooting stars. As the sky turns pink then deepest fiery orange, the rock-shapes fade and silence is all around.

Sitting around a small fire and enjoying the simplest meal of chicken, rice and vegetables, you will fell like nothing has ever tasted so good. If the moon is near full, the white chalk rock shapes glow eerily, like ghosts in the darkness under a sky still filled with bright stars and there is no need for artificial lights. The White Desert is a place that is very hard to leave. It is a truly magical experience.

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