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Taba City

Taba City

Taba City Facts

Opened on April 26, 1982 it is currently the only entry/exit point between the two countries that handles tourists. The site is at the bottom of Mount Tallul and was close to Raffi Nelson's Nelson Village and the Sonesta Hotel which both closed due to the handing over of the Sinai to Egyptian control in exchange for normalization of relations.

Under terms of the deal, Israelis would be able to visit the Red Sea coast from Taba to Sharm el-Sheikh (and St. Catherine's Monastery) visa free for visits up to fourteen days. In 1999, the terminal handled a record amount of 1,038,828 tourists and 89,422 vehicles. Taba Tourist Attractions comprises of all the major local attractions and other places of interest.

Mount Sinai, It is one of the prominent sightseeing places in Taba and has a rich historical background. It is located between the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea. There is a monastery at the foot of the mountain which was fortified in order to protect the monks.

Color Canyon,  It is one of the natural wonders in Sinai. The walls of this canyon are formed by the deposition of natural elements like ferrous oxide and manganese over centuries. In some places these walls reach up to 40 meters. If you take a walk along the canyon you will mesmerized by the colorful texture of these sandstone walls.

Ein Khudra,  It is one of the most scenic oases in Sinai. If you visit this place you will see fresh water lakes flanked by palm trees amidst the barren desert. If you take a walk along the white canyon you will be charmed by the diverse landscapea which are indeed quite alluring.

Abu Galum is another popular attraction in Taba. Here, you will find a conservatory which houses 167 different species of plants and animals.

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