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Things to Do in Dahab & Trips

Things to Do in Dahab & Trips

Dahab is divided into two major section. Al Masbat is the heart of the city as this is where many shops, luxurious resorts and hotels, and bazaras are located. Al Asla, to the South, is the Bedouin village where many camps and simpler hotels are situated.

The foundation of Dahab is similar to many other coastal cities in Egypt like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. At the beginning it was only a small fishing village. In the 1990s, the Egyptian government began giving special attention to the city and constructed many roads, hotels, and resorts.

The Nabateans used to benefit from Dahab as early as the 1st century AD to store their goods and different products as Dahab was in the middle of their trading caravans’ rout between Africa and Asia. Lately, Dahab welcomes many tourists who visit Egypt.

The word Dahab in Arabic means gold and the city was named that way due to its golden beaches. Dahab is located 110 kilometers to the North of Sharm El Sheikh, 553 kilometers to the South East of Cairo, and more than 1400 kilometers to the North East of Aswan.

The highlights of the city of Dahab include the Blue Hole, the famous diving spot, Abu Galum Protected Area, and Nabq Protected Area. Dahab is famous for its wonderful beaches, simple life, and the unique magic the city has.

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