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Sharm El Sheikh

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Moreover, from Sharm El Sheikh, you can easily book trips and safaris into the nearby Sinai desert and discover the amazing St Catherine Monastery, or the majestic Sinai Mountains. You can also head to Sharm for a wellness and pampering holiday; the town is home to Egypt’s most famous and professional Spas in Egypt.

Add to that endless nights spent at local bars, nightclubs and beaches dancing the night away or the magic of an existing safari into the mountainous Sinai desert landscape and you’ll know why Sharm is ranked among the best vacation destinations in the world. Sharm El Sheikh has it all to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

There are many popular tourist attractions and hotspots around the city of Sharm el Sheikh, which never fail to draw in the crowds. After a day of scuba diving or snorkeling in the surrounding clear, turquoise waters, or simply sunbathing on the beach, are sure to head to the Burning Bush or take a day out and visit a national water park.

Also, a trip to Mount Sinai is an absolute must for every visitor staying here. Mount Sinai, in Sharm el Sheikh, is the name of a group of peaks, often known as the Holy Mountains. However, it is also the biblical name of the peak on which Moses received the 10 Commandments.

Mount Moses is considered to be the peak where Mohammed's horse ascended to heaven, meaning it also has religious significance to Islamic believers. Naama Bay, This beautiful location is one of the major tourist attractions in the area. The bay offers stunning views, a myriad of tropical fish, plenty of water sports and a host of wildlife.

Naama Bay has been very well maintained and development has not affected its character and natural beauty. Ras Muhammad Natural Park, The park was established in 1983 to protect the coral reefs and offer both scuba divers and snorkelers the chance to swim amongst spectacular underwater scenery.

Saint Catherine's is one of the two oldest surviving Christian monasteries, built in the 6th century by order of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, around a predating church and near the place that Moses was believed to have seen the burning bush.

Naama Bay is where the action is to be found whereas the Old Town is where you should head for your daily shopping and souvenirs. If you’re in the market for some serenity Hadaba (near Ras Um Sid) would be your choice, here you’ll find calm hotels and resorts.

Nabq Protectorate, or to go on diving and snorkeling trips head down to the marina or to one of the town’s docking ports.

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