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Ancient City of Memphis, Egypt & Its History

Explore Memphis: Map & History of the Ancient Capital of Egypt

Memphis ancient Egypt (Men Nefer), named "Inebu-hedj" by ancient Egyptians and translated as "the white walls". It was founded 2925 BC south the Nile delta by king Menes the unifier of ancient Egypt and the founder of the first dynasty. The Memphis archaeological area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979.

What is Memphis Egypt called now?

The ancient city of Memphis is now an open-air museum and archaeological site located near the modern town of Mit Rahina, about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Cairo.

Is Memphis an Egyptian word?

Memphis is a Greeks word. It was was known as "Men-nefer" in the Egyptian language, which means "enduring and beautiful." The Greeks later called it Memphis.

What is Memphis in Egypt known for?

The ancient city of Memphis Egypt was the political and administrative hub of the country, and nearby Saqqara with its vast number of royal burial sites attests to the significance of the area.

Memphis was founded around 2925 BC by the pharaoh Narmer (Menes) who unified the two lands of Upper and Lower Egypt - thus giving birth to Memphis.

Who is the god of Memphis Egypt?

The people in Memphis believed in the local God called Ptah - who was the also the God of creation and workers (the patron of craftsmen) . He was worshipped along with his wife and son.

Where is Memphis Egypt?

The ancient city of Memphis in Egypt is located near the modern-day city of Mit Rahina, which is about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Cairo. Other nearby cities include Giza, the location of the famous Giza pyramids, and Saqqara, known for its Step Pyramid and other ancient tombs and ruins.

Memphis Egypt Map

According to legend related by Manetho, the city was founded by the pharaoh Menes around 3000 BC. Capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. The city was also at one point referred to as Ankh-Tawy (meaning "Life of the Two Lands").

This name appears to date from the Middle Kingdom, and is frequently found in ancient Egyptian texts. The site of the city is today uninhabited. The closest settlement is the town of Mit Rahina.

The history of Memphis is closely linked to that of the country itself. The ruins of the former capital today offer fragmented evidence of its past. They have been preserved, along with the great pyramids complex at Giza.

Is it worth visiting Memphis Egypt?

Memphis now is an pen air museum that Ramses the second huge statue is the masterpiece of the area. To visit Memphis you would need to book a full day trip that goes to the Pyramids of Giza, Sakkara and Memphis would be a half hour stop. You may also book a half day trip to both Saqqara and Memphis but there is not much to see there to schedule a full visit to Memphis itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Memphis Egypt?

Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, is located near modern Mit Rahina, about 24 kilometers south of Cairo, on the west bank of the Nile River. It was a key city in ancient Egypt and now serves as an archaeological site with remnants of its historic significance.

What is Memphis, Egypt known for?

Memphis, Egypt, is renowned as the ancient capital of the country and a significant center of political, cultural, and religious activities in antiquity. It served as the capital for various dynasties and pharaohs, contributing to its historical importance. The city was known for its grand temples, including the Temple of Ptah, and it played a crucial role in ancient Egyptian mythology and religious practices. Today, Memphis is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with archaeological remains that offer insights into the rich history of ancient Egypt.

What is Memphis Egypt called now?

The ancient city of Memphis in Egypt is now represented by the modern town of Mit Rahina, which is situated near the original site. While the ancient city of Memphis is no longer a bustling metropolis, Mit Rahina preserves some of its archaeological remains, and the area is recognized as an important historical site. The name "Memphis" is still widely used in historical and archaeological contexts to refer to the ancient city and its significance in ancient Egyptian history.

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