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Egypt and Jordan Tours From Usa

Egypt and Jordan Tours From Usa

Egypt and Jordan Tours & Trips 2023

plan a trip to Jordan? Why don’t you maximize the fun and enjoy Egypt as well? The other way around is also wonderful!. Spending your tour in Egypt? Why not travel explore the wonders of Jordan? Here are many Egypt and Jordan tours packages from USA.

First of all, there are plenty of airplanes from Cairo to Amman on daily basis and with a wide range of prices and timings. Since these two magnificent cities are located in the same region, the distance between them and the prices of the airlines’ tickets are quite reasonable and affordable.

You wouldn’t have to travel around the globe to enjoy a combined Egypt and Jordan tour packages from USA. The flight takes around one hour! You would also have the advantage of visiting two worlds in the same trip. Coming from the US or Europe for a vacation in one of these great cities, Cairo or Amman, add them both in one package and maximize the enjoyment and minimize the cost!

Enjoy visiting Cairo with all its ancient history and marvelous historical sites like the Pyramids of Giza, the Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, and Khan El Khalili. Have the chance to taste the Egyptian culture and way of life. Walk like an Egyptian! Cairo has so much to offer to tourists from all over the globe; many places to visit and magnificent activities to do in Cairo.

After having quality time in Cairo with its heritage and wonders, why not go explore Jordan? It is among center countries of the Middle East, features many "underestimated" treasures like Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and Petra one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Jordan is also called the "Switzerland of the Middle East". Jordan is known also for its unusual delicious foods like tabbouleh, Shawarma and falafel, Jordan offers a glimpse of everything

Guests would have the opportunity to explore wonders like Petra, swim in the waters of the Dead Sea or enjoy onderful safari and BBQ in the Jordan desert at Wadi Rum. This is in addition to many other wonderful places to visit only in Jordan! 

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