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Egypt Halal Holidays

Halal Friendly Holidays in Egypt

Egypt is one of the must visit destinations for tourist from all over the world and it is one of the best countries in the world for halal holidays. Egypt is a vast country with a dramatic landscape varied as its own history.

Halal holiday in Egypt is an exceptional choice; It is officially a Muslim state - almost 90 % of Egypt’s population is Muslim - but it protects the freedom to worship and does not impose religious observance, and a casual observer on the street, you will see the whole spectrum from secular, moderate to conservative Muslims.

Mosques are everywhere in Egypt, even the smallest village has a mosque, so wherever you choose to visit during your Egypt Halal holiday packages, you will find no difficulty in finding somewhere to pray. There are more than 132 thousand mosques in Egypt, with more than 6 thousand in Cairo alone.

It is not common practice for restaurants in Egypt to have an official halal certificate, however, you can be sure that all restaurants only serve halal food. Any meat you eat in Egypt been slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic principles whether it is local or imported. In fact, even large international fast food chains only sell halal meat products.

Restaurants in Egypt are alcohol free, Alcohol is not available in Egypt as most establishments serve no alcohol at all expcept hotels and Nile cruises in tourist sites.

Egypt Beach resorts in particular welcome tourists from all cultures and countries, so it is common to see women in bikinis on public beaches alongside those in burkinis.

Egypt is rich with islamic sites and culture, in Cairo you would love figuring out the Old Cairo attractions; Al Azhra Mosque, Al Hussain, Ibn Tulun, Amr ibn El Ass and many other Islamic attractions in most cities from small mosques to citadels and Souqs.

Egypt is without doubt one of the world’s leading destinations for halal tourism. Egypt has it all - whether you are searching for a city break in Cairo or Luxor, a beach resort or ski Nile Cruise. We can help you enjoy the best halal holidays in Egypt for you and your family. Search our wide selection of halal tours in Egypt.

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