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Egypt and Jordan Combined Travel Package

Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours 2023

Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours 2023

Egypt and Jordan travel packages have become more popular recently as the tourist would be able to wander the attractions of 2 great Middle East and ancient world attractions and civilizations.

Egypt and Jordan combined tours usually ranges from 7 to 10 days. However, some travelers would love to extend their holidays for even much longer than that.

The highlights of many Egypt and Jordan packages would usually include a visit to Amman, the Jordanian capital. Guests would visit sites like the Umayyad Palace, the citadel of Amman, and the Archeological Museum.

Tourists afterward move towards Petra, the pink city and the ancient capital of the Nabatean that flourished more than 2000 years in the past.

Other places of interest include Jerash, the best-preserved Roman town in the Middle East. This is where guests enjoy exploring one of the largest Roman theatres in the world, the Hippodrome, and many other structures and buildings.

Tourists who combine Jordan and Egypt in a travel package to enjoy exploring the distinctive features of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on the planet and the saltiest sea in the world.

Camping in the desert and mingling with the Bedouins of Jordan is also a wonderful experience. While you are in Jordan, never miss the chance to explore Wadi Rum. With the bizarre-looking rocks and stones, it seems as if it is part of outer space.

In Egypt, there are many more other attractions to uncover. Combining Egypt and Jordan in package leads to one of 2 standard travel itineraries. The short one would take you to the top attractions in Jordan around Amman, besides Cairo and Giza in Egypt.

In Cairo, you should visit Giza Pyramids, Sakkara, and the Egyptian Museum in a day. The second day would take you to the streets of Old Cairo for a unique experience of Islamic citadels, mosques, and bazaars beside the Coptic churches and Jewish synagogues.

The long itinerary would allow you to maximize your sightseeing experience onboard a luxury Nile cruise sailing down the Nile between Aswan and Luxor to uncover the attractions of ancient Egypt between embarkation and disembarkation points.

Combining Egypt and Jordan in a tour package worth money and time enrich your knowledge about two featured ancient world civilizations.

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